Scientists have dramatically improved our world, and made our lives more prosporous than previous civilisations could have imagined. Evil scientists however have the complete opposite effect on the world. The most evil scientists througout history have used immoral methods like, human experimentation, vivisections, or lying to participants to achieve results. This is a list of the most evil scientists of all time.


Jose Delgado

Delgado experimented on animals and humans using electricity in order to try develop mind control capabilities. During the 1950’s and 1960’s Delgado implanted electrode implants into the brains of primates. This evil scientist’s experiments were actually successful, and he managed to control primates with electricity. Delgado even risked his own safety to prove his methods worked. He did this by getting into the ring with a bull, and letting it charge straight at him. Using a remote control he managed to halt the bull as it was only a few feet away from him. Although he had great success controlling animals he failed to control humans accurately. He could only make humans more or less aggressive but couldn’t make them do anything specific. Delgado didn’t manage to control humans, but he was convinced one day it would be possible, and that it would eventually lead to armies of electronically controlled humans.



evil scientists paracelsus

There were a lot of evil scientists in the middle ages but Paracelsus may be the most insane one of them all. Paracelsus was convinced he could grow giants, and tiny humans by growing them from a jar of semen. He would keep the jar in a warm place and feed it blood to make it grow. Apparently he was quite successful and managed to grow his tiny humans. But unexpectedly the small creatures turned on him and ran away. They were supposed to be a foot high and follow orders he gave them. Paracelsus wasn’t just a crackpot he is also said to be the father of toxicology.


Members of the Tuskegee Study

Evil Scientists-tuskegee-syphilis-study_doctor-injecting-subject

The Tuskegee Study was a group of evil scientists who tried to stop black people suffering from syphilis in order to study their corpses. The study involved 600 black men, 399 of them were suffering from syphilis, and the other 201 didn’t have the disease. They tricked the people being experimented on into thinking they were being treated for their illnesses, in reality they weren’t being treated at all. The experiment was supposed to go on for only 6 months, but actually continued for 40 years. The study was eventually found out and shut down for it’s immorality, and reparations were paid to the victims of the study.


Dr. Josef Mengele

Evil Scientists wp_josef_mengele_1956

Without a doubt Mengele is one of the most evil scientists of all time. He was a member of the nazi party and experimented on human patients. Mengele eventually escaped to south America and never answered for his crimes. Mengele experimented on people at Auschwitz, and had a special interest in twins, and dwarfs. One of the most disturbing things about him is how he would act so kind to the children, and even got them to call him uncle Mengele, but would caused countless deaths through experimentation, beatings and shootings. One of the doctors working with him said , “He was capable of being so kind to the children, to have them become fond of him, to bring them sugar, to think of small details in their daily lives, and to do things we would genuinely admire … And then, next to that, … the crematoria smoke, and these children, tomorrow or in a half-hour, he is going to send them there. Well, that is where the anomaly lay.”


Jack Parsons

Evil Scientists jack_parsons_2

Jack Parsons is a rocket scientist, occultist. He became a devoted follower of famous occultist Aleister Crowley. He was caught dancing around fire in the nude in a ritualistic way. Jack Parsons was also a brilliant scientist, and invented the first rocket engine. He also pioneered the advancement of liquid-fuel, and solid-fuel rockets. Eventually his involvement in the occult meant he could no longer work in rocketry. Parsons worked with L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology), to summon the god Babalon to the earth. Although he isn’t very well known now Parsons is considered one of the most important figures in the history of the U.S. space program.


Dr. Sigmund Rascher

Rascher is among the most evil Nazi scientists in the world. He worked at Dachau concentration camp where he experimented on 300 unwilling people in high altitude experiments, freezing experiments, and blood coagulation experiments. Rascher demanded he be given human experiments, as monkeys had proved inadequate. Victims were locked in a pressure chamber, inside the pressure was altered to simulate a high altitude. They changed the pressure quickly in order to simulate a pilot falling out of a plane. He also conducted freezing experiments where, victims were place naked in freezing cold temperatures, in order to find out the best way of warming up German pilots. The experiments led to countless deaths which Rascher simply dismissed saying that they were only Poles, and Russians.


Shiro Ishii

evil scientists shiro-ishii

Surgeon General Shiro Ishii was a medical officer for the Japanese imperial army. He was the head of a biological warfare unit known as Unit 731. Ishii built a huge compound outside the city of Harbin in China. Ishii eventually began experimenting with biological, and other weapons on Chinese prisoners of war, and civilians. It’s estimated that his biological weapons caused tens of thousands of deaths. He used the bubonic plague, cholera, anthrax, and many other types of bio-weapons. He conducted deeply immoral experiments on his patients, some of which included forced abortions, vivisections, and simulated hypothermia.


Dr. Carl Clauberg

In 1942 Clauberg approached Heinrich Himmler and ask him to let him experiment on large numbers of women for research purposes. His proposal was accepted and he moved to Auschwitz to begin his experiments. Clauberg wanted to sterilize all the women in the cheapest way possible, so he injected Formaldehyde into their stomachs without any painkillers. He was allowed to experiment on hundreds but only 700 survived, however they were all sterile. He also artificially inseminated prisoners through a variety of methods, and tormented the his victims by claiming to have injected animal sperm into their womb to create a monster.


Johann Conrad Dippel

evil scientists-dippel

Dippel was born at Castle Frankenstein near Muhltal and Darmstadt. Dippel invented a substance he called Dippel’s Oil, which he claimed was the elixir of life. He even tried to trade the elixir for castle Frankenstein but was turned down. Dippel spent a lot of time experimenting with dead bodies bodies, and it’s claimed he even tried to transfer the soul of one dead body to another, although there is little evidence to support this claim. Dippel claimed to have created the elixir of life and a way of exercising demons by experimenting on the bodies of dead animals. It’s believed that Dippel was the inspiration for the Frankenstein novel.


Vladimir Demikhov

Demikhov left people shocked and horrified when he created a two headed dog. He did this by grafting one dogs head onto another. Both dogs stayed alive for a while but eventually died because of tissue rejection. Demikhov didn’t stop there, and continued to create two headed dogs for the next 15 years. He had eventually created 19 two headed dogs. Demikhov clearly deserves to be on this list of the most evil scientists, considering the pain and torment these dogs would’ve suffered. Demikhovs experiments also inspired other scientists to create two headed animals of other kinds. Demikhov pioneered organ transplants, he performed the first heart transplant, lung transplant, and head transplant.

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