There are countless stories of famous mystics from history. Using their supposed powers mystics have often gained enormous power in the ancient, medieval, and sometimes even the modern world. There are people living among us now, who call themselves mystics, and although they look like everyday people they sometimes have a lot of power through money, and connections. From the leader of a rebellion that almost conquered ancient China, to a successful businessman who used his mysticism to gain influence in the modern world, this is a list of 10 mysterious famous mystics from history.

Alexis-Vincent-Charles Berbiguier de Terre-Neuve du Thym


Berbiguier was a demonoligist from France. He believed he could communicate with demons and had many methods for dealing with them. He even called himself the “Scourge of the Imps”. Berbiguier could the see the demons that were invisible to everyone else. These demons had many abilities, including impregnating women, bedevilling priests, and pushing cats off roofs. He once found with a list of conditions, and threatening that if they were not met, more demons would be released. Berbiguier believed it was from Satan. Berbiguier was eventually sent to a hospice after being caught spreading sulfur and thyme throughout Paris, to combat the demons.

Cao Yongzheng


The Xinjiang Sage was a healer, fortune teller, and qigong master. He was one of China’s most famous mystics. In the 1990’s, members of the Chinese communist party couldn’t join any major religious groups, and so the religiously inclined would resort to famous mystics, and wizards. Cao was different to the stereotypical idea of a mystic living in a secluded, and mysterious place. He was a successful businessman, who used his reputation, and connections to make an enormous sum of money. Cao became an incredibly powerful person in China, but that all came to a halt. The police began investigation Cao, and he fled to Taiwan. Many of his associates didn’t manage to escape, and were arrested instead.

Michael Scot

A portrait of Frederick II

Michael Scot was a wizard born on the border between Scotland, and England. He was highly educated and spoke many languages including Greek, Arabic, Latin, and Hebrew. Philosophy, astrology, and theology were all taught to him, in fact, he even became an ordained priest. He was known for spending much of his time travelling. Frederick II, King of Sicily, became interested in Scot, and sent him a letter asking him about God, the heavens, purgatory, and hell. King Frederick attempted to trick Scot on his calculations about the distance of heaven from the earth, which he found from scaling from the height of a church tower. Frederick secretly lowered the height of the tower. Scot replied saying that either the moon had grown in distance from the earth, or the tower had gotten shorter.

Abe No Seimei


Abe was the court wizard for 6 different emperors. He was the omyodo, or yin-yang master. He lived during the middle of the Heian Period, from 921 AD to 1005 AD. His duties included making calenders, and advising emperors on the spiritually correct way to deal with issues. He would also perform rituals to keep out evil spirits. He lived to the age of 84, which was an unusually long life span at the time, and he actually lived that long without suffering from any major illnesses or diseases. Many believed that the reason for this long life span, and supernatural abilities was that he wasn’t entirely human. It’s said that from a young age, he could command weak Oni (large ferocious trolls) to do his bidding.

John Dee


Dee was a mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, and expert in divination. Dee managed to become advisor and mystic guide to the queen. This made him one of the most famous mystics in England. Dee’s main job was reading the Queen’s horoscopes. His life was at risk when he was accused of treason. His persecutors claimed that he was calculating the Queen’s fortunes. He managed to prove himself innocent and was let off. Unfortunately, however, he became less treasured in England, and so he devoted his time to trying to find the philosopher’s stone. When he finally returned, he took up a position, teaching at Cambridge. He was born in 1527, and died in 1609.



Rasputin is one of the most famous mystics in history, largely for his unusual death. He wandered through Russia, healing the sick, and eventually came to the attention of Tsar Nicholas II. His son was suffering from a serious disease, and he wanted Rasputin to cure him. He actually did manage to cure his son from a disease no other expert managed to cure at the time. Rasputin was invited to dinner by Prince Felix Yusupov, the Tsar’s nephew. Rasputin had become incredibly famous, and influential. Yusupov believed that if he were left alive, it would lead to the country’s collapse.

He laced Rasputin’s food and wine with enough cyanide to killer several people, yet Rasputin just sat there eating happily. They resorted to shooting him in the back. He fell, and they went to celebrate in another room. A while later, they came back to check the body. He had no pulse whatsoever, so you can imagine how shocked they were when he suddenly opened his eyes. Rasputin fled, and they chased after him. They shot him, twice more, and then beat him to death with a club. They then tied him up, put him in a blanket and dumped his body in the river. When his body was found, an autopsy discovered he died of hypothermia.

The Magician Of Marblehead


He was a magician who operated after the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials. His name was Edward Diamond, and he was known to roll his eyes into the back of his head, and when they returned he had knowledge of the future. The magician was a mysterious character, and although some stories say he would often help the police catch thieves, there are also rumours he would use his powers to raise the dead.

The Black Constable


John Domingo was a Hoodooman, and a necromancer who operated in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1880’s. He wore a ring which is said to the source of his immense power. Domingo was popular for his ability to give people what they wanted. It’s said he could make even the ugliest person incredibly popular with women, and sailors would pay him to give them favourable winds. Domingo was so powerful there were even rumours he could summon an army of zombies.

Edward Kelley


Edward Kelley was a 16th century occultist from England, and it’s said that he used an obsidian mirror to receive messages from angels. He’s most famous for his work with John Dee on his magical investigations. He also had the ability to summon spirits, and angels. The legitimacy of some of the messages sent to him by angels has been called into question. Part of the reason for this is a message sent by the angels, which he brought to the attention of his boss John Dee. It said that all things should be shared, including wives.

Zhang Jue: Rebel Leader


Zhang Jue was the leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, a rebellion, he led during the Han Dynasty of China’s history. He was a Taoist, and one of the most influential mystics of the time. Zhang took advantage of the turmoil of the time, and rose to power, with many believing he had magical abilities. He started a movement called the “Way of Peace”, with his brothers who were also sorcerers. They believed they were supported by Heaven, and so did the others. They managed to gather large numbers of people and caused mass devastation, spurring many powerful warlords to band together just to stop them. Eventually the turbans were defeated by the alliance, and most of their followers joined under the warlord Cao Cao.

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