Many countries have used ruthless human experimentation. In this article we will count down the 10 most notorious cases of American Human Experiments.


Radioactive Genitals

xray experiment

During the 1960s, the department for defense carried out non consensual radiation experiments on impoverished black cancer patients. Selected patients were told they were receiving a brand new treatment for cancer. But the government was really trying to record the effects of dangerously high levels of radiation on the body. From 1960 to 1971, Dr. Eugene Saenger performed whole-body radiation experiments on over 90 severely ill people. He crudely forged consent forms, and never truly informed the patient of what was happening. Some patients had their genitals exposed to radioactive materials for just 5 dollars per month. Although they were given 100 dollars for a vasectomy after their trial was finished. The vasectomy was to prevent the patients from producing “mutant offspring”. Patients were exposed to radiation levels equal to that of 7500 x-rays.


Mind Control


Subproject 68 was run by Dr. Donald Cameron, and funded by the CIA. The aim of the project was essentially to learn how to control people’s minds – or at least influence them. He took patients with anxiety disorders and carried out life changing experiments on them. He conducted electrotherapy 30 times the strength most other doctors used. He would force patients in comas for weeks or months using powerful drugs. While in the coma, he played them noises and endless voice commands on loop. Many patients forgot who they were, where they were, where they were from, and even their age as most suffered long-term amnesia from the experiments. The experiments took place between 1957 and 1964 because Dr. Cameron was blackmailing high-ranking government officials with video tapes of them having sex with children, or so the legend tells.


Nuclear Injections


In the 1940s, US scientists began secretly testing the effects of nuclear weapons on humans. The secret human testing began during the Manhattan project. They injected 18 people with plutonium against their will. Only 5 of the 18 patients lived longer than 20 years after they were injected. Between 1946 and 1947, Dr. William Sweet injected 11 patients with Uranium. He did this at Massachusetts hospital as part of the Manhattan project. He kept deep skin tissue from the patients who died for his personal collection. That’s right, he had a personal collection of human tissue.


Operation Midnight Climax


Operation Midnight Climax took place in safe houses in New York. Inside these houses, LSD was used on men who had been knocked unconscious, in order to test it’s effects. The CIA would pay prostitutes to lure men into these houses and then drug them with mostly LSD… but also weed and cocaine. A two way mirror was fitted in the bedroom so that the scientists may observe the effects of LSD on the unsuspecting patient. In safe houses just like this, the CIA developed methods of sexual blackmail and interrogation. After a brutally honest report, all houses were closed down by 1966. Even if you find this interesting I would advise against google searching “Operation Midnight Climax” unless you’re really into vintage porn.


Deadly Milk


United States agencies and research bodies have experimented on mentally ill children for generations. The US Atomic energy commission fed radioactive iodine to 28 perfectly healthy children for the university of Nebraska. Iodine was a common material used in experiments at this time. In the 1960s, over 100 Alaskans were reportedly exposed to iodine. Between 1955 band 1960, Sanoa state hospital was the in place to abandon your mentally ill child. But the parents didn’t know their child would be subjected to extreme human experimentation. The children were given milk laced with radiation. I’m told that most children had their brain removed after they died, and that around 1400 children died at the hospital.


Bio Beginnings


By the 1940s, the US army was testing bio weapons on it’s own soldiers. Army scientists sprayed soldiers with mustard gas and other skin burning chemicals without being given consent to do so. The gas would cause extreme pain, swelling, and chemical burns. In order to test the usefulness of safety clothing and equipment they would lock low ranking soldiers into small chambers and spray them with mustard gas. It is unknown how many people died during the experiments.


Agent Orange


Agent Orange is a herbicide that was used to destroy the crops of Vietnam during the war. Forty two million litres of agent orange were dropped on Vietnam. Agent Orange was injected into people for testing purposes. Mostly captured Viet Kong were experimented on by Dr. Albert Cligman, who was funded by the US army and the DOW chemical company. Although unconfirmed, Dr. Cligman is said to have injected 468 times the amount he was allowed to. Cligman was allowed to continue testing agent orange and many other products that had even worse effects and caused the deformation of thousands of people.


Infecting Puerto Rico With Cancer


In 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhodes began infecting Puerto Rico with cancer. He was an American pathologist who, after being sponsored by Rockefeller institute, set out infecting individual Puerto Ricans with cancer cells. In his own words: “Puerto Ricans are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men”. So you can see how he found killing 13 of them so easy. Dr. Rhodes went on to achieve great success, being made Vice President of the American cancer society. With this happening just 80 years ago, it’s interesting that Puerto Rico still hasn’t been granted statehood.




The name of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment suggests what it’s purpose was. It is one of the most infamous studies ever conducted. Starting in 1932 and lasting 40 years, the US health service injected rural black people with syphilis knowingly. They told the test subjects that they were receiving free medical care from the government. Six hundred agricultural workers were infected with Syphilis from one single county in Alabama. They were given free food, healthcare, and burial insurance. But they were never told what they were injected with. They were also never treated for it – even after penicillin had been established as an effective treatment for syphilis. The study only came to an end in 1972.


Guatemala Syphilis


Number one on the list also involves syphilis – and was also carried out by the US health department. But this one took place outside of North-America. From 1946 to 1948, US funded doctors injected people in Guatemala with syphilis. The aim of the study was to find out how penicillin could be used to treat disease, if it could at all. Their strategy was to find prostitutes with syphilis and pay them to have sex with soldiers and mental patients. They also injected Syphilis straight into people’s spines. Records from the time are hard to find. But we know at least 83 people died as a result of this experiment. And as many as one third of the subjects were left untreated once infected.



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