Many countries have resorted to brutal human experimentation. This article you are about to read contains disturbing content. As this is a list of the 10 worst European human experiments.

10: LSD Bread


In 1951, a small village in Southern France was struck by mass insanity. Hundreds of people started suffering from serious hallucinations, visions of terrifying hybrid beasts. Officials soon learned that the delusions were caused by bread – bread the locals believed to be cursed. Evidence has recently come to light showing that the CIA mixed LSD into the bread so that they could study the effects as part of a mind control experiment. One man tried to drown himself as he believed his belly was being eaten by snakes. Along with dozens of others, he was taken to the insane asylum.

9: TGN1412


TGN1412 was a drug intended to be used on cancer patients. In 2006, six British people were given doses of the drug 500 times lower than the dose found to be safe on animals. It caused systematic organ failures almost immediately after the drug was taken. Documents describe how the test subjects were screaming that their heads were going to explode before being taken to intensive care.

8: Nazi Seawater Experiment


From July to September 1944, the Nazi seawater experiments were carried out. In order to find a way to make sea water drinkable, a group of gypsies were given only seawater to drink. The experiment was so brutal that most victims either died or were driven insane. They were so dehydrated that they were observed licking freshly mopped floors in the hope of finding fresh water. The doctor behind these experiments ultimately escaped justice and lived out the rest of his life in Brazil.

7: Polish Bird Flu


In 2007, the Polish national health service offered 300 homeless people the chance to make the equivalent of 5 US dollars. They wanted to test a bird flu vaccine, but told the participants it was just the common flu vaccine. What happened was… the test subjects just caught bird flu and died. And this isn’t even the worst thing they’ve done. In 2002, ambulance medics were found guilty of killing patients in return for money from funeral homes.

6: Vipeholm experiments


The Vipeholm experiments were a series of Swedish human experiments where patients from mental institutions were fed large amounts of sweets. The doctors just wanted to see what happens to peoples teeth when huge amounts of sugar were taken. The experiments were funded by major sugar companies, which is a bit like Neo Nazis funding a holocaust museum. Because the teeth were basically destroyed.

5: Indian Burn


The British empire ruled over India for nearly 200 years. During this time, Indian soldiers were used as human guinea pigs to test deadly poison gasses. The scientists wanted to find out whether Indians suffered the same chemical burns as white people did. Several hundred Indians were sent into gas chambers by the scientists and some even had mustard gas tested on their eyes. Most suffered serious burns and were literally scarred for life. It’s thought that none of them gave meaningful consent.

4: African Colonies


The German Empire was possibly more brutal than any other. Apart from the third reich…which…was also German. Moving on – back before World war one, Dr. Eune Fisher conducted horrific experiments in which he sterilised women in German occupied Africa. He also sterilised many mixed-race children in an attempt to deter race-mixing. His work is seen as the root to all Nazi human experimentation. Which isn’t exactly a good legacy to have.

3: Porton Down


Porton Down is a British military science facility. It is most famous for human experimentation. From 1945 to 1989, 3 thousand 4 hundred human test subjects are exposed to nerve gas. Their muscles went into spasm. Their heart became paralysed. And they would simply suffocate to death. Nerve gasses are the most deadly of all the chemical weapons. The most frightening part is that up until 1989, they were still studying it’s effects on the human eye.

2: The Chamber


The chamber was the secret poison research facility of the Soviet Union. It was used to test deadly poisons on prisoners from hard labour camps. Some of the most dangerous chemicals in the world were used as subjects. According to official documents, the Soviets found ways to damage the human body permanently. Many were made weaker, shorter, or seriously deformed. And no one knows how many victims there were. The whole time, the patients had no idea what was happening. All they were told is that they were taking medication.

1: Nazi Twin Experiments


The Nazi twin experiments were a series of human experiments executed in prison camps. Head of operations, Josef Mengele, was known as the angel of death. He took 15 hundred sets of twins from concentration camps and conducted brutal experiments on them. He gave them extra food and introduced himself as uncle Mengele. But when he was alone with them, he showed no mercy. He infected them with deadly diseases, amputated limbs, and even sewed siblings together in strange attempts to create conjoined twins. After he was finished he would often kill them himself. Of the 3 thousand twins, just two hundred survived.



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