The Nazis were a weird bunch. With all that murder and chaos they caused, there were always going to be holocaust victims looking for revenge. The nazi hunters are some of the most interesting and noble people of the last 100 years. I think you’ll now learn why this is. From a man who hunted Nazis and then tied them to his car while they were still alive and drove around town, to a team of Nazi Hunters who used espionage to kidnap escaped Nazis and strangle them in the night. This is a list of 7 amazing facts about Nazi Hunters.


Rudolph Hoss

Rudolph Hoss

Many Nazi hunters were soldiers during the war, who wanted to keep fighting the Nazis. One such hunter was Hanns Alexander. He was a Jew who grew up in Germany but escaped to England when Hitler rose to power. He hated Nazis and once even tied the body of a Nazi he found to his car and drove around with him still attached. His most famous catch was the Nazi who was commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolph Hoss.


Simon Wiesenthal


The Most famous Nazi hunter was Simon Wiesenthal. He hunted down, and executed multiple Nazis including Gustav “The Wolf” Wagner, Josef Schwammberger, Eduard Roschmann, Joseph Mengele, and Adolf Eichmann.


Government Assistance


Although the Nazi hunters didn’t get much help from Governments at first, after a while they began to cooperate with western, and latin American governments, and the Israeli government.


No Nazi Left Standing


The hunt for Nazis declined after the end of the 20th century because almost all of the former Nazi leaders had now been hunted and executed.


The Avengers


Some Nazi hunters found it more effective to form teams and hunt in a group. One of these groups was called the Nakmam, or in English “The Avengers”. The leader of this group Israel Carmi, lost a large portion of his family during the war, and wanted to take revenge by seeing that justice was dealt.




The Avengers would track down Nazis and find out where they live, then they would pretend to be the police to gain their trust, and get them to come with them. The group would then take them to an isolated area and deliver justice, the most common method of justice used was strangulation.


Secret Nazi President


One of the youngest Nazi hunters known was Eli Rosenbaum. He wanted to hunt Nazis from a young age, and started interning at a US department of justice division 1979, six years later he was the chief. He made a huge discovery, and found out that a prominent politician at the time was actually an ex Nazi. This ex-Nazi politician later went on to become the president of Austria. Even though Rosembaum discovered his secret, it never came out until after he died that he was ever Nazi.

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