From the ability to control your dreams and fulfill your greatest desires while asleep, to waking up paralyzed with the presence of demons. This is a list of 5 crazy facts about dreams.


Lucid dreaming



It’s possible to have something called a lucid dream. This is where you realise you are in a dream, and don’t wake up. If you can accomplish that, then you can control your dream in any way you want to. You can make your wildest dreams come true, drive your dream car, have your dream job, sleep with your dream partner. Lucid dreams can be so real that the sensations carry on into real life, if you have a orgasm in a lucid dream then you can actually have one in real life at the same time.


Blind people dream


A lot of people have wondered whether blind people dream or not, and the answer is yes. Although how they dream is a different question. If they were blinded after birth, then they will be able to dream as most people do. If you were blind from birth, you wouldn’t be able to see anything in your dream, instead you would dream in sounds, and smells, and all the other senses you still have.


Everybody dreams


All humans dream while sleeping. You dream for about two hours. And have about six to ten dreams a night. Men and women dream sightly differently to each other, men have more males in their dreams, and women have an equal amount of males and females. A lot of people claim they don’t dream but in reality they do they just don’t remember it.


Sleep walking



A lot of people sleep walk, but some people take it to new extremes. There are people will use there computer when they sleep walk and e-mail friends.


Sleep paralysis


After sleeping for a while you enter a stage of sleep called REM. In this phase you are in a state of Paralysis, where your body cannot move. Some people don’t enter this stage properly, and move while in this stage. This is why some people sleep walk, or sleep talk. Some people actually wake up while in this stage, and they cannot move at all, imagine waking up completely paralysed. Not only that, but people who wake up in this condition also feel an evil presence n the room which causes extreme terror.

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