From Doctors removing the wrong testicle, to giving birth to the wrong baby. This is a list of the most unbelievable hospital mistakes of all time.

5) Doctors remove wrong testicle:


Medical mishaps increased by 100% in 2004


Surgeons accidentally removed the wrong testicle, and so had to the other one as well. The patient was left testicle-less. The 48 year-old now fears he may not be able to have children. surgeons realized they were operating on the wrong testicle 40 minutes after starting. They desperately tried to sow it back on, but failed. He is now pursuing legal action. He said “The matter is in the hands of my solicitor (lawyer) now. She is about to issue proceedings now. I have no other comment to make.” In the past he wouldn’t have let someone off for making a mistake like that, but now he simply doesn’t have the balls.

4) Surgeons remove wrong leg:


In 2004 there were 4 cases of this


A series of small mistakes lead them to start surgery on the wrong leg. Halfway through the procedure they realized they were operating on the wrong leg, but carried on anyway. Maybe they were hoping he wouldn’t notice. In another case in Brazil, surgeons accidentally removed the wrong leg, but didn’t notice until the patients daughter pointed out their mistake. It was either an attempt to correct their mistake, or their way saying don’t tell me how to do my job.

3) Surgery on the wrong side of the brain:


Brain surgery is one of the most complicated operations, only performed by highly trained medical professional. So you’d at least expect them to know their right from their left


Doctors are accused of operating on the wrong side of a patients brain. The doctors marked the correct side of the brain they were trying to operate on, to make sure they knew which side to operate on. They then started operating on the other, unmarked side. The surgeons wanted to remove a tumor from his brain, but the patient claims the tumor is still there. He can no longer speak, eat, or drink properly.

2) Doctors leave 13 inch ruler in man’s body:


Almost 800 patients have had objects left in their bodies by doctors. My doctor’s always leaving his tool in my body


Surgeons attempted to remove a tumor from, his stomach, and after successfully removing it. He experienced some side effects. The recovery pain lasted longer than he expected, and he couldn’t bend over. The doctors gave him a cat scan on Friday, and after only 30 seconds they found the metal in his body, but they decided it could wait for the weekend, and started operating on Monday.

1) Woman gives birth to wrong baby:


1 in 100 patients are given the wrong sperm


Fertility clinics use the wrong sperm a surprising amount of the time. Between 2010-2012 fertility clinics made mistakes 1,679 times. Three of them were very serious mistakes, otherwise known as grade A’s. It’s a bit counter-intuitive to give someone a grade A when they make a huge mistake. No wonder there are so many mistakes, whenever they make a mistake they get given a grade A. Reportedly 1 in 100 patients are given the wrong sperm, and therefore give birth to another man’s baby.

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