From amnesia, and gambling addiction, to the loss of normal personality, and loss of reality. This is a list 5 scary side effects of common medication.

5) Amnesia, gambling, and sex – Mirapax:


Restless leg syndrome is the uncontrollable urge to move your legs


Restless leg syndrome must be annoying to live with, so seeking medication for it is probably quite common. Which is worrying since the side effects clearly have a much more damaging impact on people’s lives than the actual syndrome. One medicationknown as Mirapax causes you to have amnesia. Mirapax also cause people to become compulsive gamblers. People who never normally gambled, found themselves taking long journeys to casino’s only to lose thousands of pounds. It also caused people to become extremely horny. You can imagine how sleeping with a stranger, losing all your money, and then forgetting it ever happened can have more impact on your life than restless leg syndrome.

4) Halucinations – Lariam:


Hallucinations can cause people to become extremely paranoid, and sometimes dangerous


Side effects include: depressed mood, feeling restless or anxious;confusion, extreme fear, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior; severe or uncontrolled vomiting or diarrhea, fever. People taking it have been known to experience terrifying hallucinations, and psychotic behavior. Three people who killed there wives shortly after starting Lariam, are believed to have done so because of the dangerous drug. They all exhibited manic behavior, and paranoia before killing there spouses.

3) Man-boobs – Propecia:


Some men have grown boobs, that never went away, even after they stopped taking the medication


Propecia is used to reverse baldness, so men can have a full head of hair. Surprisingly many men have suffered the unusual side effect of growing breasts. These aren’t just your usual man breasts, which only really look like breasts but are actually just fat. These are fully functioning breasts, that can even lactate.

2) Onexton:


It’s amazing this is even legal, considering the side effects


Onexton is used to clear up acne, and pimples. Side effects of Onexton can go from from feeling warm, and oily skin, to bloody diarrhoea, stomach cramps, and a painful death. Although many people don’t see this as a reason not to use it. It can also cause severe lack of breathing. So if you don’t die from diarrhoea or stomach pain, you may still die of suffocation.

1) Accutane:


Dr. Mercola describes Accutane as one of the most dangerous drugs ever created


Acutane has over 80 side effects, including loss of normal personality, and reality, aggressive behaviour, suicide, seizures, strokes, excessive hairiness, impaired wound healing, sudden blindness, and pain whenever you move your eye. Although it’s rare to have more than one of these symptoms at any one time. People still use this medication today, so you may be thinking what kind of horrible disease are they using this medication to cure? What could possibly be worth risking all these side effects? Acne. It’s for acne.


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