From a 10 month old baby who can read, to a two year old smarter than David Cameron, and Barack Obama. This is a list of the 5 smartest kids in the world.

5) Sherwyn Sarabi:


Sherwyn is only 5 now, but can already play multiple instruments.


 He learnt to read at only 10 months old, and was accepted into Mensa at age three. He started school at age three, and was studying work nine, and ten year olds would do. A psychologist described him as extremely intelligent, and also noted that he had great social skills, which was surprising considering his superior intellect. Sherwyns IQ is an impressive 160 which is the highest you can gain on the Whechsler scale, making him one of the smartest kids in the world.

4) Dylan Toh:


Dylan also takes place in ping pong, robotics, and mathematics competitions.


Dylan is another rare child genius, he wasn’t satisfied with what he was being taught in school, and spent time learning outside of school as well.  He quickly outmatched other students his age, and was accepted for an acceleration in Mathematics. He was then taught Maths problems for students much older than himself. Dylan has already learnt maths that would place him in the best Universities around the world.

3) Farrell Wu:


At the age of 12 Farrell Wu beat 500,000 other contestants in a maths competition.


Farrell started to learn Maths at only one years old. He got bored, and just happened to pick up an encyclopedia. He discovered a passion for maths, and perpetuated his interest by learning more, and by the age of twelve, he won third place in Philippines Mathematics Olympiad. In 2013 Farrell started studying an undergraduate course, and is said to be doing exceptionally well. Farrell is going to pursue a career in investment banking.

2) Jacob L. Barnett:


He gained his masters degree in only one year.


At first People were unsure as to whether Jacob would even be able to learn the alphabet. People were unsure because of his autism, and his mother was told not even to bother trying to teach it to him, because his learning was going to be stunted by his autism. However Jacob proved them wrong by excelling at school and studying an undergraduate course at the age of 11, and started his masters degree at the age of fifteen, at one of the best physics schools in the world.

1) Adam Kirby:


The two year old enjoys learning french, and reading books for seven-year-olds.


Adam is Britain’s youngest, male member of Mensa, at the age two. His IQ test ranked him smarter than David Cameron, and Barrack Obama. He learnt to read at only 10 months, and toilet trained himself, at the age of one! Adam can spell 100 different words, and can count to 1000 in multiple languages. Adam has also memorized the periodic table. He has an IQ of 141, which is 140 points higher than the average Americans.

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