From Ernest Hemingway’s secret life as a KGB spy to, a German spy getting captured by a dog in World War Two. This is a list of 5 top secret facts about spies.


Ernest Hemingway was a KGB spy



Ernest Hemingway famous novelist was actually also a KGB spy. Ernest promised to send information to the Soviets but in 10 whole years failed to come up with anything. Children’s writer Roald Dahl was also a spy but for MI6 instead. Dahl’s job was to gain as much information from US women as possible, mainly by sleeping with them.


North Korea’s secret abductions

North Korea Flag


North Korea has been abducting random citizens from countries all over the world. The aim is for these captured citizens to teach North Korean spies how to speak foreign languages. It’s reported North Korea has kidnapped at least 485 Japanese, South Koreans, Chinese, Italians, Malaysians, French, etc.


Biffy Dunderdale



James Bond was based on a real person named Biffy Dunderdale, full name Commander Wilfred Dunderdale. He was nicknamed Biffy because he was a brilliant navy boxer. He was head of the secret service station in Paris, and “Had a penchant for pretty women, and fast cars”. He was also friends with Ian Fleming, the man who wrote James Bond.


Acoustic Kitty


The CIA would go to any lengths to spy on people, even after the war had been over for 15 years in the 1960’s. When there were two men the CIA, home of some the greatest spies, and minds in the world, wanted to spy on, They decided the best man for the job was a cat. It was ambitious but the CIA were confident their cat would get the job done. The cat was almost instantly run over by a taxi. The project cost $20 million dollars. They spent $20 million dollars training cat, only for it to be run over by a taxi. Money well spent.


Sergeant Stubby

Dog Wearing Military Medals

Sergeant Stubby is the only soldier under 10 to be promoted to the rank of sergeant in WWI, as well as the only dog. Sergeant Stubby is a decorated war hero. He saved fellow troops from a mustard gas attack, and captured a German spy. He quickly became the army’s mascot was quite well known throughout the war, as a hero dog.

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