From Holograms all over your house, to real life mind reading, and Telepathy. This is a list of the 6 most amazing technological advances known to man.

6) AR/Hololens:


Microsoft have created a headset that creates real holograms wherever you look. You have the ability to customize these holograms, and put them all over your house. This is probably one of the most amazing technologies ever created, and a serious rival to virtual reality. Hololens is meant to help you in everyday life. One example was someone who wanted to fix their kitchen sink but didn’t know how, so the Hololens produced a hologram instructing them how. The Hololens has the ability to make a hologram of anything, including people, and objects

5) Invisibility:


Imagine how easy it would be to rob a bank with an invisibility cloak?


Susumu Tachi invented a real almost invisibility cloak. The cloak takes a picture of whatever’s behind him and then projects it onto the front of his clothes, creating the illusion of invisibility, this is known as Retro-Reflectum. Tachi says the technology would be useful for surgeons gloves, so that they could see through their hands when operating, but it clearly has impressive military applications as well.

4) Hover boards:


Like this but flying


Lexus have recently invented the worlds first real Hoverboard. Although if your hoping to ride around the streets, and across ponds, then you’re going to be disappointed. At the moment the Hoverboard only works on certain surfaces. Which means it will most likely only be used at specialised skate parks. The Hoverboard moves with no friction, making you feel like you are really floating, because you are.

3) Robots:


A giant spider bot being piloted by multiple people


Robot technology has almost advanced to the level of Scifi. We now now have giant robots with Gatling guns attached to them, and some robots have even managed to gain self awareness. A Japanese company, and an American company are both in possession of giant robots, and as such have decide to have a fight between their robots to see which one is more powerful. Robot fighting won’t just be for sport though, governments across the globe are developing extremely powerful robots to be used in warfare. At the moment the amount of soldiers a country has is based on their population, but soon it will be based on how many robots you can build.

2) Virtual Reality


US soldiers training with VR


Virtual reality will soon be a common household item. Multiple company’s are attempting to create virtual reality up to standard that seems completely realistic. Videos of people playing games on virtual reality are already on You-tube, as well as people watching porn on it. Virtual reality is a way of putting yourself somewhere you’ve never been, or can never go, and it’s less than half a year away. Virtual reality will soon give us the most immersive game, and film experience that’s ever been created

1) Telepathy


The ability to read minds could lead to a world without secrets


Scientists have recently invented a machine capable of telepathy. Two scientists sent messages to each other 4,600 miles apart with nothing but their brains. “It is kind of technological realization of the dream of telepathy, but it is definitely not magical,” Giulio Ruffini, a theoretical physicist and co-author of the research. Both subjects wear a helmet, and then think something simple, in this instance “ciao”. The computer translates the thought into binary code, and then sends it to another computer through the internet. Scientists have also discovered mind control, they are now able to control machines, and even other peoples body parts with their minds. Imagine if that type of technology fell into the hands of a megalomaniac.

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