Sharks are some of the most dangerous predators in the sea; they’re at least the most iconic. If the lion is the king of the jungle, then the shark is the king of the sea. They’re known for their sharp teeth, powerful bites, and taste for blood. This is what makes them so terrifying to us. Sharks aren’t harmless creatures, and are opportunistic hunters who have been known to attack humans from time to time. This is a list of the 8 most dangerous sharks, in terms of fighting prowess, taking into account unique skills, abilities, and tactics.

Mako Shark


Mako sharks are fast, some of the fastest sharks in the water. They can travel at a top speed of 46 mph, which makes it more than impossible for you to escape from one by swimming. They go so fast they can have little control over their destination sometimes. When they find themselves in the presence of humans, they can be incredibly aggressive, and there are three known human deaths attributed to Mako sharks. Speed isn’t their only asset, as they certainly aren’t small, weighing in at 13,00 lbs, and growing to 15 ft long at their largest.

Oceanic Whitetip

The whitetip shark can be one of the most dangerous sharks to the survivors of crashed planes, or shipwrecks. This has primarily been a problem for soldiers during warfare, when they’re found stuck in the ocean. The whitetip will devour a human entirely, leaving no evidence behind that there was ever an attack. Because of this, the whitetip has been recorded as killing less humans than it probably has. Meaning how dangerous this shark is has been dangerously underestimated. They may be slow moving, but are still dangerous. However, they’re currently dying out, as a result of their large fins, being popular in soup.

Salmon Shark


Although Salmon Sharks normally feed on salmon, and other bony fish, they can also pose a danger to humans. So keep clear if you see a salmon shark; because of its large size they can easily injure or even kill a human. One unique feature that this species has among sharks is the ability to regulate it’s stomach temperature in different environments. These sea beasts generally grow between 6.6 ft and 8.6 ft, but there have been reports of a few giant Salmon Sharks growing to 10 ft long. The normal ones usually weigh up to 220 kg, but this is dwarfed by the rare, larger ones which have been reported to weigh 450 kg. Overall, the Salmon Shark is a fearsome foe, and evidently one of the most dangerous sharks in the oceans.

Bull Sharks


Bull Sharks will roam shallow water waiting to “bump-and-bite” unfortunate prey. A smaller, bony animal, say a turtle, bird, or variety of bony fish, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, would first be circled by the bull shark, who then bumps into, and bites the prey. The poor fish will have trouble escaping from the bull, as these sharks hunt in murky waters. It will continue to bite, and bump you until you no longer have the ability, or the willpower to escape. At this point, there’s no hope for the smaller fish. These crafty sharks have a few tricks up their sleeve to survive longer. If they can’t find a lot of food, they’ll take longer to digest the food they already ate. When trying to escape from a fight, they’ll regurgitate their food, to distract the attacker. Bull sharks have more testosterone that an elephant in mating season, even the female ones, which makes them incredibly aggressive.

Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is known to be one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, and its reputation isn’t just down it’s name. It can weigh up to 1400 lbs, and has been known to eat humans almost as much as great whites do. However a great white will often bite a human and then decided not to eat it, but this isn’t the case with the tiger shark. Tiger sharks aren’t picky eaters, they’ll stuff a diverse range of food down their gullet, including us. Wondering where the name comes from? It’s the unusual, tiger-like stripes running down its side. Tiger sharks have incredibly strong jaws, which have been known to bite down and swallow items from sea turtles, to license plates.

Hammerhead Shark

The Hammerhead sharp is an underestimated shark, in the animal kingdom. Its wide head gives it the ability to see all around it, in 360. Any sneaky fish hoping to attack it from behind, better think again. Being able to see better than any other shark is incredibly useful, and a trait most people aren’t giving it enough credit for. This 360 vision is partly helped by its sensory organ group ampullae of Lorenzini, which allows it to detect the electrical fields created by other sea creatures. So even if an animal has buried itself underground, and has become invisible to normal eyes, the hammerhead will still find. This is why the hammerhead is one of the most dangerous sharks. One of the most dangerous things about these sharks is that they swim in groups known as schools, however only during the day. At night they bravely venture out alone, as lone wolf hunters. This may the ideal time to attempt, defeating a hammerhead shark in combat.

Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is the most ferocious shark in the waters today. It’s bigger, and has a stronger bite any other living shark, apart from the Megalodon, which is rumoured to still exist, although no proof has been provided. At 20 ft, and 4,300 lb in weight, the great white shark is quite a prize to catch, but also a deadly predator. Most sea creatures could only hope to eat one of these if they happened to find it dead already. They’re surprisingly quick for their size, being able to swim at 35 mph. Excellent at diving, the great white can swim to depths of 3,900 ft. Great whites enjoy a diverse pallete, mainly feeding off of smaller fish, but also dolphins, whales, and other sharks. Unlike the hammerhead, great whites travel alone.



Megalodon is an unholy ancestor shark who lived millions of years ago, after the eclipse of the dinosaurs. It’s what roamed the seas after the dinosaurs were wiped out. This is the biggest, and most powerful shark in history. It’s power and speed is unmatched by any shark known to man. For years people refused to believe this shark even existed, putting it down purely to sailor stories and pseudoscience. Until all the criticism was wiped under the rug by the amazing discovery of fossils all over the world in coastal regions. According to scientists Megalodon looked like the Great White Shark, but bigger, possibly even 60 ft long. Megaldon’s greatest strength was it’s powerful bite, which had the force of 180,000 newtons. It would use it’s teeth to grab, with a grip so strong you could never escape, and teeth designed to break bones. The great white would cleverly aim for the soft underbelly of an animal, but Megalodon would rip right through your chest, and eat your heart.

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