Brutal Indian Revolutions: India was ruled as part of the British Empire for about 200 years but the Indian revolution led to the complete withdrawal of British troops in 1947. However, Gandhi’s revolution was not the first Indian rebellion. The history of the Indian subcontinent is littered with failed rebellions. Although forgotten by most, the Indian rebellions were often brutal in nature. But it was the British governments response to these that set the gold standard in colonial brutality.

In 1858, British Crown rule was established in India. But it is important to remember that the East-India company had been controlling the place for a long while before that.

3) The Travancore Rebellion:


East India company HQ in London

East India company HQ in London


Travancore was an Indian Kingdom that had a subsidiary alliance with the East India trading company. Travancore was completely dominated  by the company. In fact, it’s rulers were made to pay the company money so that they may maintain power. Rulers that didn’t pay royalties would simply be overthrown. In 1806, the ruler of Travancore could not afford to pay these royalties. The East India companies reaction to this was to begin annexing territory.


The Maha (ruler) of Travancore

The Maha (ruler) of Travancore with his weird friends


Tensions rose for a while until a rebellion broke out on December 18 1808. British officials in the region found themselves under attack in the most brutal way. But the rebellion was not anywhere close to being a success. Even though British reinforcements did not arrive until the next month, they were able to rally a force of 3000 troops and chase the rebels away!

In February, the British marched on the Capital of Travancore after taking many vital forts. The leader of the rebellion was chased down by East Indian company troops. He committed suicide before they were able to capture him.

2) The Indian Rebellion of 1857: 


The site where 2000 rebels were killed...

The site where 2000 rebels were killed…


This was a HUGE failed revolution. Lasting 13 months, it was such a huge threat to British power in the region that it is known as India’s first war of Independence or the great rebellion. 

The rebellion was basically caused by the East-India company being run by a bunch of dicks. They always wanted more wealth and were willing to do anything to gain it! The British attempted to introduce the use of animal grease to lubricate weapons, which offended the religious beliefs of both Hindus and Muslims in India, who refused to come into contact with pig products. In 1857, three army regiments refused to use British army weapons. 90 thousand Bengali troops soon joined this mutiny, sparking a full blown Indian revolution.


A memorial to the mutiny, located in Delhi

A memorial to the mutiny, located in Delhi


Fighting was widespread and fucking intense. So intense that the Sikh and Gurkha armies still loyal to the East India company were called into action. The British were ultimately victorious but the cost was so great that the East-India trading company was dissolved and the British government began their rule of India. India would now be part of the Empire. It would become what was known as a crown colony, meaning the government would have complete control over it. It’s one of the more well remembered Indian revolutions – but there were loads of small Indian revolutions.


1) Gandhi’s Revolution:


Gandhi here with a beard friend

Gandhi here with a beard friend




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