The 10 biggest mysteries from history: History is riddled with unsolved mysteries. Mysteries that are both creepy and intriguing. We will surely never know the answer to some of these mysteries but it is still important to know of them. They show us that even with modern knowledge and technology, we are still in a constant battle with the unknown. This is a list of the 10 biggest mysteries from history.

10) The Oak Island Money Pit:


The pit being dug in 1931

The pit being dug in 1931


So in 1795 two teenagers discover a small hole in the ground on oak island. Out of curiosity they begin to dig down into the dirt and find a single wooden platform every ten feet they go down. Although, they soon get bored and went back to doing 18th century things.

The pit soon sparked the interest of many other people, including wealthy businessmen, and it was named the money pit. People soon discovered that it was loaded with booby traps, and I guess that just encouraged people to dig because several have died trying to reach the bottom.

Coconut fibers (which was traditionally used to protect priate treasure) were found were found in several parts of the pit. An encrypted message was also found 80 feet down. A message that was eventually translated into English. The message read: “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried”.

No one has any idea what lies at the bottom of the pit… but legend says that the treasure can only be claimed when 7 people die trying. The death toll is currently at 6.

9) The UFO Memo: 



A reported ufo


The FBI recently released a whole vault of secret documents; among them was ‘the ufo memo’. A memo that reported an incident where 3 crashed flying saucers were recovered in New Mexico, USA. It claims that several humanoid alien specimens were also recovered from the sight. The FBI’s official story is that the claim was never investigated it. But let’s face it…it isn’t exactly the type of memo you ignore. The memo has become the most viewed FBI document so far.

8) The Mothman:


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The mothman was a mysterious creature reported to have been seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It was said to look like a cross between a moth and a man. It was bigger than a human but could fly faster than an eagle. After more than 100 sightings, it was given serious attention by the press and authorities. One week after the mothman was spotted on the main bridge in point pleasant, the whole bridge collapsed, killing 47 people. Since then, the mothman hasn’t been seen. Some people think it was killed in the accident. Some people think it was a spirit warning of disaster.

7) The Immortal Count:


The big man himself

The big man himself

The immortal count is a man who has supposedly been seen many times throughout history, sometimes hundreds of years a part. It is generally believed that he is the count of St. Germain. The count disappeared around the year 1784. At this time, his aristocratic friends believed him the be over 500 years old. Reported sightings of him continued long after his disappearance. The latest report was a man in France who claimed to be the count before committing suicide.

6) Kaspar Hauser:


"tis I, Kaspar"

“Tis I, Kaspar”

Kaspar Hauser was a strange little bastard. In 1828 he walked out of the woods and into the city of Nuremberg. Being aged 15, the locals were wondering why he was alone. The odd thing was that although he could not speak he was able to write. Using a pen and paper he claimed to have been locked in a dark cell for his entire life. He always found fresh food and water in his cell when he woke up in the morning. He was adopted by an English nobleman and lived in Germany for about 6 years until he was brutally stabbed to death. The weird thing is that the stabbing came after a line of several failed assassination attempts. Who was Kaspar Hauser? Who killed him? And why?

5) The Sphinx: 


Photo from the 1860s

Photo from the 1860s

The real mystery here is what the Sphinx actually is. Is at a cat woman or some kind of weird mythical pig-dog? It’s a shoddy design. Awful.

4) The Nazi Gold:


A load of Nazis Gold - 1945

A load of Nazis Gold – 1945

At the end of the second world war the SS decided to hide their stash of gold. An estimated 2 billion US dollars worth of gold is said to have been dumped at the bottom of a lake near Berlin. After decades of searching no clues to it’s whereabouts has come to light, but new teams of treasure hunters are constantly being formed with the goal of locating it. Will we ever find the Nazi gold?

3) The Aluminium Wedge Of Aiud:





An aluminium axe head that dates back to at least 11 thousand years ago. The weird thing is that aluminium was only discovered in 1808… so how could this be possible? Well that’s the mystery. I strongly suspect this to be a hoax but many believe it to be real. Some believe it to be a gift from Aliens. They’re called crazy people.

2) Antikythera Mechanism


The actual mechanism

The actual mechanism

An ancient computer. Literally. It was built 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece and was the worlds first computer (as far as we know). It was used to track the movement of planets in out solar system. It is an advanced clockwork mechanism that used gears and when it was found it was broken into 82 pieces.

The mechanism was recovered from a shipwreck in 1901 but it was only in the last 30 years that we started to truly understand how it works. The advancements in technology that led to the machine were lost sometime around the 2nd century. Knowledge of technology like this was only seen again in the 14th century. We really have no idea who made it or how they knew how to do so.

Just imagine how different the history of Europe would have been if the technology had not been lost.

1) The Mary Celeste:


Painting of the ship - 1861

Painting of the ship – 1861


The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship. On November 7 1872 the Ship set sail from New York for Genoa but the journey was unsuccessful. One month later the vessel was discovered drifting aimlessly.  It had been abandoned. There were no clues as to why the ship had been abandoned and the last diary entry stated that all was going well.

The only things missing were a lifeboat, and the crew themselves. The ship was undamaged, the cargo was fine and the close possessions of the crew were left behind. Considerable amounts of water was found inside the on-board cabins for some reason.

In January 1885 the ship was intentionally wrecked near Haiti for its insurance money. I doubt we will ever know what really happened to the Mary Celeste. It’s possible that their navigation equipment was broken. They may have thought land was near and decided to row towards it.


This  was a list of the 10 biggest mysteries from history.

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